Nancy Jolly

Welcome to the web site for the artist Nancy Jolly. Nancy has created more that 2,000 pieces of art in her lifetime. From her original works of horses and zebras to huge murals in restaurants, she has pretty much done it all! She has worked with producers creating artwork for TV shows as well as large charity events. She is accomplished in many different mediums from oil and watercolor to sculpting with clay to designing furniture for the McDonalds corporate offices to portraits of little girls on carosssel ponies.


Enjoy browsing the pages on this site to see so many wonderful works done by my mother.

-Lisa Crofts

In case you're curious as to what she is working on in the above image:

'Beauty and the Beast'

Welcome to the world of whimsy...

Please use the contact info page to get in touch with Nancy.

'Zebra Polo'
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Nancy Jolly